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DIAZA announces the addition of Noah Cavanagh as one of its remarkable brand collaborations. Noah is a professional soccer player from the United States currently playing for NISA’s Flower City Union.

On the field, he’s a defender fierce, passionate, and intense. Off the field, he manages a career as YouTuber, forthcoming author, aspiring entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Whether in football or in life, there's only one phrase he believes sums up what Noah’s striving for and want to inspire in others: BE AWESOME.

That simple but powerful statement shares the same foundations as The Diaza Mentality.

So Noah and Diaza are really a perfect match as “THE CHAMPIONS BRAND” will provide his venture with exclusive customized gear that’ll help to express its uniqueness.

“Football has been my favorite sport since I can remember. I played a few different sports growing up at the request of my parents, but I always had a ball at my feet!”, Noah explains, “When I turned 11 or 12 is when I stopped playing/participating in the other sports and took football seriously. From there, it's been a beautiful journey getting to play semi-pro, college, and now pro for several years! My motto with playing football is "create your masterpiece" which is my way of expressing the artistic and creative side of football on the pitch. It keeps me grounded now in the same joy and excitement I got as a 10- or 11-year-old playing in my backyard.”

In his coaching side, Noah offers 1 on 1 coaching for athletes and coaches to help take their football career to the next level. His programs include presential and Zoom sessions and, through his YouTube Channel: training videos, day-in-the-life vlogs, book reviews, and more. His content shows a depth preview into the everyday life of a professional soccer player.

But… let’s get to know more about it in his own words: “Outside football, I create content on YouTube about my life as a professional football player. It's my way of helping young footballers along their journey pick the right gear to use, train in a way that's game-realistic and effective, and inspire consistency and work ethic. I'm also in the process of building the most comprehensive and "all in one" football app called "TRAIN AWESOME" which will be released in early 2023. I'm working with established professionals in their respective fields to put the best mental, tactical, physical, technical, and nutritional training in one place! There's an old saying I love that goes: "we become the best teacher for our past selves" - and the mission of the app and YouTube is to help young players reach the next level in their football careers.”

On the pitch, Noah brings tenacity, leadership, energy, and excellent technical and tactical execution. Off the pitch, his goal is to create avenues of ACCESS for players who otherwise wouldn't understand the value of the other parts of being a professional football player.

“I see young players train their bodies well”, Cavanagh expresses, “but there's a lack of knowledge about the importance of the OTHER aspects. I hope to bring that knowledge and expertise to the forefront of young players' minds as they navigate their careers, however short or long.”

Also, his commitment to the community is something to be said: Community can be defined in a few different ways - there's a family community, your friend community, your local community, and an online community. For Noah: “The most important part for me when I'm in each of these communities is being valuable. Another way of saying that is I want to be able to be in service of the people I'm around, whether that's answering every one of the hundreds of comments I get on my YouTube channel, being the best version of myself to my wife, or giving local store owners free tickets to come to my team's games with their families.”

Now is the time for this new partnership to come to life, the chance to get together two awesome mentalities. Diaza's special apparel line will complete the circle of a perfect environment around Noah Cavanagh’s ventures.

In his words: “Working with Diaza gives me joy. To see young footballers outfitted in gear they love to rock, so creating a physical representation of my brand and what I stand for has been a natural progression for me as the channel grows. The brand was recommended to me by a friend and has given me the opportunity to express that desire to share good quality gear with my audience. Customization and uniqueness are important to my brand and the way I see the world, and Diaza was able to help me express that through their custom clothing design and production. I'm looking forward to creating some more unique and brand-aligned merch with Diaza as we move forward into the new year!”.

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