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Diaza and Conquer will work together to join forces and bring something different to the Soccer world. 
We proudly announce a new partnership for Diaza Football, a further step in our commitment to emphasizing the principles of our brand: hard work, consistency and love for Soccer.
Conquer is a sports and technology company based in NYC. Its main offering is the Conquer app that ranks athletes and lets them create and join local sporting events.
Louis Long, Conquer’s Co-Founder and CEO, gave sincere insight about his company's approach to the “Soccer World”: “We started this because after graduating school, we found it too difficult to stay involved in sports. Matt Lee (Co-Founder and COO) and I were both strong soccer players, but lost touch with the game once we entered the workforce. Moving to new cities with a limited network and a busy work schedule made league play nearly impossible for us. We wanted to create a platform where playing sports with those around you was simple, regardless of work schedule, network or wealth.”
Diaza will be creating all Conquer’s custom sports gear from league jerseys to soccer balls, to jackets and sweatshirts. 
“We're super excited for this partnership as outside of  gear, we hope to host tournaments, events, and pick-ups with them. At Conquer, we're all about giving our users a custom experience and growing overall participation in sports”, commented Long, Conquer’s CEO, “We chose Diaza because they are NYC based, super talented, do all custom gear, and are great people. We were introduced to them by our advisor David Ricca who we respect and trust very much.”, continued. 
Conquer's mission is to enable widespread competition for all ages and skill levels. They cater to new, current, and previous athletes who once excelled at their sports, but no longer have the time, organizational framework, and/or venue to compete. Ultimately, the platform seeks to restore the pre-game thrill that athletes miss, love, and need.
“We want to grow soccer in the US by making the game more accessible.”, Long added, “On Conquer, players will soon be able to not just create and join local games, but also grow a following and get ranked. We've found that sports have gotten very expensive and political. On our platform, players will be able to be instantly recognized in the community on our leaderboard, and can play with the competition of their choosing. Gone are the days of arbitrary bounds such as gender and age.”
The goal is one: reunite communities and allow people from different backgrounds to unite over their common love for sports.
Similar to Diaza, Conquer's relationship with the community is strong and growing. Soon, they’re hosting a charity tournament with EVLOVESNYC, a local non-profit that prepares gourmet meals for local New Yorkers. 
“We also are throwing a party on Sept 17 in Times Square to further engage the community and celebrate our users. We do our best to get to know our players and organizers”, Long stated.
With a focus on working together for the realization of many projects, Diego Hurtado, CEO and Founder of Diaza, commented: “We love what Conquer is trying to achieve, like we always state we work from the Pros to the Sunday league teams, we believe all people can love and play the sport no matter the level, no matter the league. This app is an incredible tool that gives Soccer to the people. You can literally just press a button and go play, make friends, and the most important thing is to be part of the game, it doesn’t get better than that. We believe Conquer will be a big thing and we are more than happy to be working with them.”
More information on and social media.
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