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HL92 Academy: The newest addition to the Diaza Family

Diaza keeps working hard side by side with these amazing projects. Academies and organizations that
help Young women and men athletes through development stages and path to pro soccer.
Diaza knows where greatness starts.
HL92 provides the best possible experience for all their students, including an enriched learning
environment that will help players to get ahead in their games and life. Their passionate Staff is ready to teach players how to learn, create and grow!
HL92 player development curriculum will help campers become better ball handlers, passers, shooters,
and more! The culture at the camp is different from what you would find anywhere else. The kids will
build friendships that can last a lifetime, from strong leadership skills to character building.
But let’s get to know a little bit more about the man behind HL92.
The words from Henry David Lopez, creator, and owner of HL92, speak for themselves: "I was born in a very humble neighborhood in my country, Guatemala, in ‘Las Ilusiones Zona 18’ to be exact, a place with few opportunities but with a lot of passion for football. I have played since I was a boy in a team called Brazil and at 8 I was invited to try out with the biggest team in my country and the team of my heart (Municipal). From then, I started playing with them and went through all the training categories up to the special category (Reserves) and then my adventure abroad in the United States began."
Henry played for U16, U17, U20, and National Team in Guatemala and, also, played in the U20 World
Cup in Colombia in 2011. He was also part of the Gold Cup and two World Cup qualifiers games with the
National Team.
At the U20 level, Henry even scored the goal that allowed his country to enter its first-ever World Cup.
Guatemala beat USA 2 to 1 with that unforgettable goal.
“In our Soccer Academy HL92”, explains Henry Lopez, “We want to promote the sport in the lives of each of the boys and girls who are part of it. Beyond good footballers, our mission is to also form good citizens and people with values and respect for others. Football is universal and unites people of all languages, races, and genders and allows us to carry an encouraging and hopeful message with the choice to our daily lives.”
HL92 also has summer camps that focus on developing each soccer player’s technical, physical, and tactical abilities to reach their potential regardless of skill level. From the first day of camp, participants will learn how to improve themselves by learning different skills and practicing in a safe environment.
Experienced soccer players will practice strategies with different game modules aimed at fulfilling their potential.
“We want to take our players to competitions of the highest level, and continue to train players to be eligible in their schools, universities, and in the future for professional teams. We know we are on the right track, and we want to teach them that all dreams come true by believing in God, hard work, and discipline.”, details Lopez.
Another important point in Diaza's relationship with these organizations is their bonds with the community. This is what Henry Lopez shares about that:
“We are working so that our community has the best version of us to be at the service of each one of them, not only athletically but also a humanitarian aspect. We have different activities throughout the year. Camps for the mental training and development of values of our youth, at Christmas we pack and send gifts to different countries to help children in need, and we also take part in social festivals in our community.”
Working together is such a challenge and opens a lot of new opportunities for both HL92 and Diaza.
That’s why Lopez says: “Diaza is a very serious brand and like us, it started as a family and as a dream that little by little has expanded and created huge things in a short time. We know that the presentation of a team is also a very important detail, and we want Diaza to see our champions and our developing players in order to reach our goals and objectives in the short, medium, and long term.”
The proposal is clear: We are sure that we can do huge teamwork by sharing values and passion for football.
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