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Luana Grabias is @diazafootball first Woman brand ambassador!

Following The Miami FC's Junior Palacios announcement, Luana became first woman ambassador for the brand, leading a long squad yet to be presented.
Diaza continues its campaign supporting young players, recognizing their effort on and off the field. Emphasizing the principles of the brand: hard work, consistency, commitment and love for Soccer.
Diego Hurtado, brand founder and CEO, gave details on how this project started: "As we began working with the clubs, we witnessed the players' incredible response to the brand. All players love Diaza, which inspires us to seek for athletes who share the Diaza mentality. We want to recognize them in some way for their efforts."
Playing for @afcannarbor in 2022, Grabias is a high-level athlete with experience in the Brazilian game, having capped her nation at the U20 level in 2019.
 "I consider myself a smart athlete. I like to have the ball at my feet and then make my decision.", luana said on the occasion of her arrival in Ann Arbor.
 On the decision to choose Junior Palacios or now Luana as the brand's first woman ambassador, Diaza's CEO, Diego Hurtado, said: "We analyze the story of each player. Junior's journey is remarkable, as he endured so much suffering, hard work, and sacrifices to reach the professional level. It was difficult for him. Same goes for Luana, Her family is also far away, as she is moving to a new country, with a different language and culture. These things are extremely difficult, and she is sacrificing everything to pursue her dream. As soon as I spoke with her, I realized she was the ideal candidate for our first woman ambassador. We want to encourage women's soccer since, in my opinion, women dominate soccer in the United States.
These types of players deserve some recognition, we want to talk about them, about their stories, we want these types of players to inspire the new generations. We want to motivate and encourage youth players through Diaza."
The Diaza Mentality is the idea that transcends any boundaries. It is an attitude of life that is carried in the blood and is expressed in every movement, as we said, on and off the field.
When asked what you really need to be part of the Diaza Familia, Diego Hurtado didn't hesitate: "Simple, The Diaza Mentality! You have to be a player that really wants it. That never finds an excuse to keep pushing, that no matter what he or she knows, must keep going. They must recognize that hard work always pays off".
You can find more about Diaza apparel or Diaza Ambassadors on social media @diazafootball 
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