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The Prestige League and Diaza announced today that the brand will be the official uniform partner and provider for Prestige League. 
Diaza continues to explore ways to expand the sport, resulting in something that will transcend the football world for many years to come.
“Prestige League is born of the desire to help our community, and to promote healthy sports, giving the opportunity to boys and children to share the same passion on a field - that is what we call ‘Futbol’,” said Anibal Talamontes from the Prestige League organization.
"We want to make the league a door for those who do not have the means or financial resources to achieve their goals and see their dreams realized. What we didn't have, we want others to have,” Talamontes continued.
Prestige League reached out to Diaza via social media, asking how Diaza operates. “This is a reflection of how well our social media and marketing team works together to secure deals like this one. We recognized after a few meetings that it was the right fit. We share the same perspective on the game, thus it is best to move forward and create something unique," said Diego Hurtado, Diaza's founder and CEO.
Prestige League, a competitive league in Houston, TX will be the first league completely sponsored by Diaza. "We are excited to present something original and help the league to show something very different,“ said Hurtado. "Every weekend will be a Soccer festival, as Houston is a city where there is a lot of talented football. There is still plenty to accomplish, but I am confident that everything will work all out,” Hurtado continued.
Prestige League aims to have the best players in the city in the league, and adding fun to the competition element. "We have been planning this great project and we have great expectations. It's not just about football, it's about sharing a single passion,” said Francisco Ortega, one of the Prestige League organizer. 
Diaza values community involvement and loves bringing new ideas to the table. They work closely with teams, such as UPSL clubs, to produce customized items for their supporters and also assisting them in opening online stores to ensure the team’s brands are more visible. "We are continuously on the lookout for new projects; whether it is a Sunday league squad or a professional team, we recognize and value the contributions of all types of owners to the game," said Hurtado.
2022 has been a great year for Diaza. "We are fortunate to continue growing and working with the right clubs. We love what we do and know what we can bring to the table. Next year will be our greatest yet," Hurtado said excitedly.
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