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The Sky's the Limit: Diaza and Frederick Skyline CF renewed their alliance for the next 2 years!

Soccer in the US has been growing faster and bigger towards the hearts of the communities. From all sides of the region, nowadays, it's not strange to find a soccer field in any town or city. That's exactly what's happening in Frederick, Maryland, home of the Skyline CF. 


To take interest in Soccer and make the first steps into this world has always been surrounded by tough decisions. So we asked Joel Ramirez, founder of the Club, about what it was like for him: 

"I found interest in soccer through my family as I have always played and loved the game. I have played soccer since I was 5 years old. The team comes from a chance I saw within the game itself. In our area, there have been times players get pushed away or looked over because they did not fit the status of some of the club teams; not all but some. If it was money, height, weight, etc, it had happened before. Another reason was to give many adults a second chance to play at a high level. The opportunity to break the gap within adult soccer to truly give everyone a chance to play at the professional/semi-pro level. Our motto is 'unite & believe, the sky's the limit’. This is what we stand by."


Ramirez, father of two boys and serving with the Maryland Army National Guard's 29th Military Police Company, hopes to help change the culture around soccer: 

"This organization is a focal point for soccer among adults. Giving them the opportunity to play at a high level and not having their experience overlooked."

And this is what they are bringing to the "Soccer Table", a TEAM: 

"What I brought to the soccer world was just the team, Skyline.", defines Ramirez, "But what my staff and I have done together is create a new bridge for culture and opportunity. Skyline will give you an opportunity to play at the semi-pro/pro level. With a motto of focusing on uniting everyone involved with the game of soccer, we have truly created a program where the sky's the limit. Your soccer goals matter here and you are family. Those who have been involved with us will say this as well. We have brought an opportunity within the soccer community that has value and meaning. It's more than just the game, it's about the players and why we started."  


As the organization continues to grow, Ramirez is also looking to expand Skyline FC into a multi-sport organization in 2023 and, of course, endure its relationship with Frederick and the whole Maryland community:  

"Our relationship with the community is good, we are only a year old and the impact and recognition we have gotten have been great! Can it be better? Yes, and every day we are working with local sponsors and businesses to get to know the community more."

Finally, we wanted to know a little more about how it is to work side by side with Diaza, and here's what Joel Ramirez had to say: 

"Diaza fits our development in the meaning behind the organization well. Creating this deal has opened the door for many more opportunities and gives our players/community the happy feeling of knowing we have a company that not only supplies all our gear but treats their teams as a family, the same as we treat our players. We are the first Frederick team to sign something like this within UPSL. It feels good to create a relationship with a company that truly cares about their teams and not see them as a number."



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